Root Canal Treatment in Middlebury, VT

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Damaged and decayed teeth are frequently corrected using a tooth-colored filling or a different form of treatment if they are caught and dealt with early. However, as the damage reaches the middle of the tooth, sometimes called the pulp, a root canal is usually needed to restore dental health and prevent removal. A root canal is an advanced service offered at Lincoln Peak Dental to extract contaminated inner tooth tissue and strengthen the compromised tooth to restore dental function. Dentist Dr. Brian Saltzman restores abscessed or internally damaged teeth by performing advanced root canal treatment. If you suffer from a severely painful or infected tooth, contact our Middlebury, VT facility at your earliest convenience to discover the benefits of root canal treatment.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Damaged tooth pulp could be attributed to extreme cavities, a large break in a tooth, or a wound in the mouth. Dr. Saltzman will provide an x-ray and perform a dental evaluation to decide if a root canal or another therapy is required to regain your oral wellness and ease any tooth pain.

Usual signs that could signal the need for a root canal consist of:

  • Sharp or throbbing tooth pain, other continual oral pain
  • Discomfort from biting
  • Sensitivity to higher and mild temperatures
  • Swelling concentrated on the lower face or gums
  • A noticeable boil on the gums
  • Color change of a tooth after an injury

What is the Root Canal Process?

At our Middlebury, VT practice, root canals are conducted under local anesthesia and could be paired with sedation approaches to help you relax and ease any discomfort during your treatment. When the tooth has lost feeling, a covering is placed to safeguard your mouth, and the infected area will be reached via a small opening made in the top of the tooth. The pulp (which consists of the nervous tissues and blood storage inside of each tooth) will be taken out, and the inner canal will be modified using advanced endodontic tools prior to being carefully cleaned. Dr. Saltzman will then close off the restored tooth using a medical-grade substance and follow that with a sedative filling to begin the healing period.

What Can I Expect After My Root Canal?

Whatever dental pain you were suffering with prior to your endodontic treatment should begin to fade after your root canal. Store-bought pain medication can be utilized to minimize any discomfort or inflammation that forms following your treatment. Dr. Saltzman will plan a checkup visit a few after your root canal so he can assess your recovery. Teeth addressed with root canal procedures are at a greater risk of deterioration and typically require the protection of a dental crown as soon as they're totally healed. A custom crown might then be designed to restore the health and visual appeal of your tooth.

Are Root Canals in Middlebury, VT Covered By Insurance?

Frequently, endodontic treatment such as a root canal is covered in part by dental insurance. Someone from our team will call your insurance company and give you any remaining out-of-pocket expenses. At Lincoln Peak Dental, we are pleased to take a range of convenient payment options and could help you find affordable financing alternatives to ensure you get the quality dental care you need.

Save Your Smile

Broken or infected teeth may introduce a wide range of oral and general health concerns if ignored or not taken care of. But with developments in current dental care, a root canal provided at Lincoln Peak Dental can be an efficient way to save your tooth and your overall health. Get in touch with our facility in Middlebury, VT to set up an appointment with dentist Dr. Brian Saltzman to find out about our methods for root canal treatment.

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