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What Is A Dental Emergency?

Obtaining urgent care during a dental emergency can be an inconvenient, painful, stressful situation. Unforeseen dental emergencies may be caused by athletic accidents, fender benders, tripping over a curb, or even merely eating crunchy foods. Dentist Dr. Brian Saltzman and his wonderful staff offer swift emergency dentistry in an attentive atmosphere. We can effectively treat many different emergency dental problems for Middlebury, VT patients, including missing fillings, toothaches, and knocked-out (avulsed) or fractured teeth. Tooth trauma doesn't necessarily result in oral pain right away, so it's necessary to have your teeth looked at for any hidden damage. At Lincoln Peak Dental, we always make every effort to provide urgent treatment as quickly as possible.

When Is Emergency Dental Care Needed?

Patients of any age can develop a dental emergency. Various kinds of emergencies include:

  • Acute oral pain
  • Avulsed or chipped teeth
  • Oral abscesses
  • Damaged restorations (filling, crown, bridge, or denture)
  • Gum bleeding or sensitivity
  • Dental trauma

Getting the emergency dental services required as soon as possible is the best method to ease oral pain and preserve your dental health. In many situations, it could mean the difference between salvaging and losing a tooth. Since even minor chips and irritation can indicate larger issues when not treated right away, your best option is to call Lincoln Peak Dental right away for any variety of dental emergency treatments.

What Can I Expect From Emergency Dental Care?

Needs regarding treatment for emergency dental concerns will vary for every person. During your visit, Dr. Saltzman will thoroughly evaluate your individual issue before determining a diagnosis. Full-mouth x-rays could be needed to check for internal trauma, including to the jawbone and roots of your teeth. When we fully understand the details of your oral condition, we can review your needs for treatment. At Lincoln Peak Dental, the primary goal of an emergency evaluation is to ease dental discomfort and detect injuries. We do everything we can to reinstate the use, appearance, and total health of your smile as soon as we can. Despite that, follow-up visits may be necessary.

What Is The Recovery Process For Emergency Dental Visits?

After your visit to Lincoln Peak Dental, a member of our highly skilled team will give you instructions on the most effective methods to care for your oral health regarding your specific dental emergency. Dr. Saltzman may recommend a prescription for pain medication or to combat inflammation. When your dental emergency is treated, we can offer advice on ways to protect your mouth from future damage, which may include using a specially designed nighttime mouth guard. Sticking to daily dental hygiene habits is imperative while you recover. Dr. Saltzman will continue to monitor your healing when you return for your regular dental appointments.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies in Middlebury, VT?

Portions or all of your dental emergency visit could be paid for by your dental insurance coverage. Our experienced staff will help you in maximizing your plan and talk to you about any expected out-of-pocket costs. To help make great dental care more affordable, Lincoln Peak Dental is happy to accept multiple different flexible payment options.

Prompt Emergency Dentistry When You Need It

In the event that you or someone in your family needs urgent dental care, Lincoln Peak Dental is available to provide assistance. Dr. Saltzman and his compassionate team move quickly to relieve tooth discomfort, address oral injury, and dispel any stress from emergency events. For quick, effective emergency dental treatment, contact our Middlebury, VT staff today.

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