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Why Are Dental Exams Important?

It's important for everyone in your family to have routine dental exams in order to ensure the health of your smiles. A thorough dental exam at Lincoln Peak Dental diagnoses tooth cavities, periodontal disease, cancer of oral tissues, and numerous other issues that could be harming your oral and overall health. These exams, often performed at twice-yearly teeth cleanings in Middlebury, VT enable dentist, Dr. Brian Saltzman, to study your teeth, gum line, arch alignment, jaw, and other oral features and will often ensure early identification and management of dental conditions. If you want to maintain the wellness and visual appeal of your smile and the smiles of your loved ones, schedule a routine oral examination at Lincoln Peak Dental today.

What is An Oral Cancer Screening?

Approximately 50,000 people in this country receive a diagnosis of oral cancer every year; however, the condition could be very manageable if diagnosed promptly. Oral cancer is defined as a quickly expanding accumulation of cells that could appear anywhere inside of or near the mouth, such as on the lips, mid-face, tongue, salivary glands, jaws, neck, and more. Dr. Saltzman conducts an oral cancer screening at each dental exam to look for nonmalignant cells, malignant tumors, or additional abnormal developments. The normal symptoms of oral cancer are sores, nodules, bulging or rough areas, and discolored regions of tissue. Certain areas in question may be taken out and analyzed, or you can be referred to a physician for thorough management.

Do I Need A Dental Exam?

Middlebury, VT patients of all ages need to attend dental exams at least once a year for preventive treatment by the time they turn one year old. Dental exams may also be carried out as needed to assess oral pain, trauma, and other concerns that may develop between appointments. Periodontal disease, the leading factor in missing teeth, and dental caries (cavities) might not cause serious signs to form until the later phases, which is why catching these issues as early as possible — typically through a dental exam — is vital.

To help children at a young age, our team can target a range of problems, such as tooth formation and sucking on the thumb, and aid you in caring for your child's teeth and gum line as their oral structures develop. Regular thorough oral exams could help your growing family form great oral habits early on and allow them to enjoy hygienic smiles for a lifetime.

What Can I Expect During My Dental Exam?

Oral exams at Lincoln Peak Dental generally occur once a year and begin with an assessment of your dental history. A member of our team will speak with you about any oral issues or aesthetic smile desires you have to uncover more regarding your total oral health. Every so often, a set of detailed x-rays could be ordered at your full dental checkup to provide Dr. Saltzman with enhanced awareness of the wellness of your enamel and bone tissues. He will then screen for cancer of the mouth, evaluate the alignment of your arches and jaws, and look at your teeth for trauma and the status of any dental fixtures. We may suggest exams more frequently for individuals with specific oral wellness issues.

What Can I Expect After My Dental Exam?

Having good dental health routines (including routine brushing twice daily and after eating and flossing no less than once daily) can help to minimize your risk for developing cavities and gum disease. Dr. Saltzman carries out comprehensive oral exams no less than one time annually, usually during one of a patient's twice-yearly professional dental cleaning sessions, but could suggest exams more frequently for people with specific oral health conditions. Our facility offers many effective treatments, like tooth-colored cavity fillings, dental implants, and cosmetic veneers, to address your personal smile goals. If required, our staff will help you schedule checkup appointments.

Are Dental Exams in Middlebury, VT Covered By Insurance?

Yearly exams fall under general care solutions, which means they are typically paid for by dental insurance plans. Before your appointment, a professional on our business staff will assess your unique dental insurance plan and let you know of any likely extra costs. Lincoln Peak Dental is pleased to offer a range of flexible payment options to make sure your family can receive high-quality treatment.

Protect Your Smile With Preventive Care

Enjoying a clean smile requires more than simply seeing a dental care provider if you have a concern. Routine dental exams at Lincoln Peak Dental can help detect any issues early on and are vital to maintaining your oral health. Schedule full dental checkups for your whole family with dentist Dr. Brian Saltzman at our Middlebury, VT practice.

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