Information About General Dentistry Services

Welcome to Lincoln Peak Dental in Middlebury, VT. Our team is excited to help you reach your oral health and aesthetic goals. Whether you and your family are visiting for a routine professional teeth cleaning, or you're looking into one of our cosmetic procedures, such as porcelain veneers or teeth whitening, dentist Dr. Brian Saltzman looks forward to helping you. We are proud to also offer a variety of restorative and periodontic procedures as well, like gum grafting, dental implants, root canal therapy, emergency dental care, and more.

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Dental exams allow our Middlebury, VT dental team the chance to detect oral issues as soon as possible and maintain your overall oral health.

Dental cleanings in Middlebury, VT are an important biannual appointment to maintain your oral health and check for dental issues such as gum disease.

Digital dental x-rays are an important aspect of annual dental exams as they help us get a clear view of hard-to-see areas in the mouth.

Dental sealants protect hard-to-brush areas like molars from tartar and plaque buildup and are a common preventative measure for children and adults.

When the temporomandibular joint is damaged or injured, you may require TMJ therapy to rectify pain, clicking, or difficulty opening the mouth.

We try to avoid it, but sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary to preserve the general wellness of the mouth, including wisdom-tooth removal.

A root canal may be a necessary treatment to prevent tooth removal and preserve a patient's oral and overall health and wellness.

Urgent dental needs can be stressful, but our Middlebury, VT office can help treat a variety of dental emergencies quickly and effectively.

A dental crown can help to strengthen a damaged tooth, such as a cracked or decayed tooth, as well as restore it to a normal appearance.

Missing teeth can create chaos in the mouth, as well as create a smile that is unpleasing — custom dental bridges can restore function and aesthetics.

Dental implants, like single or implant-supported dentures, are used to replace one or more missing teeth in the mouth for proper function and look.

Dentures, either removable or implant-supported, can make it easier to eat, speak, and smile, which is why we offer full and partial denture options.

Dental fillings are used to fill in cavities before they create irreparable tooth decay or impact your general oral health.

Dental bonding and contouring is a great alternative to veneers and other dental cosmetics when correcting stained, chipped, cracked teeth, and more.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells placed on top of the teeth that create an aesthetically pleasing smile and improve tooth size, shape, and color.

Professional teeth whitening can reach below the surface stains and provide longer-lasting and more effective results than store-bought alternatives.

Scaling and root planing may be necessary when periodontal (gum) disease progresses to a point where bone loss in the tooth occurs.

Perio Protect is a periodontal disease treatment that employs flexible, custom trays to apply medication deep beneath the gums to target bacteria.

Gum graft surgery may be needed if you have advanced periodontal (gum) disease where the gumline is raised and the tooth roots are beginning to show.

Periodontal plastic surgery is designed to restore form and function to gum tissue and the gumline to support healthy teeth and provide a nice smile.

Laser gum treatment may be used to treat gum disease, to contour the length and shape of teeth, or perform an oral biopsy.

Crown lengthening is performed to reduce a gummy smile by removing excess gum tissue or to prepare the mouth for a dental restoration.

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